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Stokes Bloody Mary Ketchup Sachets

CODE: 93966 UNIT: 60x40g

(was £12.82)

Celtica Beef Burgers

CODE: 48322 UNIT: 24 x 170g

PRICE: £10

Mario’s Peach Frozen Yogurt

CODE: 11659 UNIT: 2.5lt

(was £10.85)

Spatchcock Poussin in Sweet Pepper

CODE: 50072 UNIT: Each

PRICE: £1.80

Villani Napoli Salami

CODE: 54208 UNIT: 1.8kg

PRICE: £10
(was £24.93)

Authentic Mushroom Stroganoff

CODE: 82846 UNIT: 12 x 350g

(was £27.03)

Authentic Chicken & Veg Pie Filling

CODE: 87716 UNIT: 12 x 350g

PRICE: £10

Love at First Bake Parmesan & Pepper Muffins

CODE: 20796 UNIT: 20x160g

PRICE: £10
(was £21.20)

Love at First Bake Sweet Potato & Feta Muffins

CODE: 84473 UNIT: 20x170g

PRICE: £10
(was £21.20)

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