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Celtic Pie Baked Open Top Turkey Pies

CODE: 59848 UNIT: 12x225g

PRICE: £17.99
(£1.50 each)

WSF Damson Conserve

CODE: 99645 UNIT: 340g

PRICE: £2.10
(was £2.72)

Celtic Cake Iced Fruit Cake

CODE: 84739 UNIT: 2×2.8kg

PRICE: £41.99
(was £50.75)

Mario’s Ice Cream Filled Pine Cones

CODE: 98610 UNIT: 1×12

PRICE: £15.99
(£1.33 each)

Harry Ramsden’s 50-70g MSC Batt Salmon Fillets

CODE: 52185 UNIT: 3kg

PRICE: £28.25
(was £40.91)

Frozen Minted Peas

CODE: 7477 UNIT: 1kg

PRICE: £1.55
(was £2.85)

Halen Mon Salt with  Chilli & Garlic

CODE: 75083 UNIT: 100g

PRICE: £4.35
(was £5.15)

Halen Mon Salt with Garlic

CODE: 95643 UNIT: 100g

PRICE: £4.35
(was £5.31)

Cnwc Sweet Chilli Crackers

CODE: 44103 UNIT: 75g

PRICE: £1.79
(was £2.15)

Bohns Butt Massage

CODE: 77607 UNIT: 125g

PRICE: £2.59

Spelt Grain

CODE: 23834 UNIT: 500g

PRICE: £4.59
(was £5.68)

Castell Howell