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Atlantic Chicken Thigh Skewers

CODE: 99476 UNIT: 75x50g

PRICE: £13.50
(was £37.35)

Darta Chopped Spinach with Cream

CODE: 15006 UNIT: 1.25kg

(was £2.99)

Cauliflower Coronation Timbale

CODE: 63486 UNIT: 12x320g

PRICE: £12.00
(was £21.89)

Gourmet Turkey Breast & Pork Burger

CODE: 13859 UNIT: 24x170g

PRICE: £13.00
(was £22.89)

Stuffed 3 Bird Roasts

CODE: 68018 UNIT: 4x340g

PRICE: £7.50
(was £25.99)

Smoked Gammon Hocks

CODE: 37935 UNIT: 1kg – 1.2kg

PRICE: £1.75

Chuck Steaks (for braising)

CODE: 23037 UNIT: 5 x 170g

PRICE: £5.00/kg
(was £6.67/kg)

McCain Potato Slices

CODE: 18339 UNIT: 2.5kg

PRICE: £2.00
(was £7.69)

Halen Mon Vanilla Sea Salt

CODE: 49723 UNIT: 100g

PRICE: £2.00
(was £4.25)

Paramount Seeded Jack Sprats

CODE: 17053 UNIT: 500g

PRICE: £1.50
(was £6.40)

Castell Howell