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Paramount Breaded Lemon Sole Goujons

CODE: 81449 UNIT: 454g

PRICE: £3.80
(was £7.35)

Vittles Grand Marnier Bread & Butter Pudding

CODE: 92707 UNIT: 1×18

(was £13)

Paramount Seafood Lasagne

CODE: 90998 UNIT: 12x325g

PRICE: £12
(was £35.41)

Paramount Plaice Goujons

CODE: 1152 UNIT: 454g

PRICE: £2.20
(was £4.26)

Celtic Pie Salmon & Spinach Pies

CODE: 34010 UNIT: 12x260g

(was £20.79)

Celtica Pork, Honey & Thyme Sausages

CODE: 79259 UNIT: 2.4kg

PRICE: £10.68

Celtic Pie 6″ ‘Xmas’ Sausage Rolls

CODE: 96623 UNIT: 1×30

(was £20.25)

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