Smoked Spice Antipasti Bowl


46832 Villani Delle Antipasti Selection
57233 Roquito Chilli Pearls
8533 Baby Gem Lettuce
29110 Antipasti Olives
45699 Halen Mon Smoked Sea Salt Flakes
15469 Capital Cuisine Chilli & Ginger Dressing

– Quarter the gem lettuce, brush with oil and place under hot grill or griddle to char.
– Arrange the antipasti on top of the warm lettuce. Sprinkle with olives and sea salt.
– Arrange dish with some height to resemble a fiery mount Vesuvius.

Serve under a cloche with smoke piped in from a smoking gun to create some theatre at the table when served. Or maybe add smoked cheese to the dish for a more substantial meal.

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