About us

About us

About us

From small rural beginnings in 1988, Castell Howell Foods are this year celebrating 35 years of business and have grown to become Wales’ leading independent food service wholesaler, servicing the length and breadth of Wales, the Border Counties and the South West of England.

As a family run business, we’re extremely proud of our rural roots, which is why supplying and promoting regional produce is one of our core values. Each year, we invest millions of pounds on regional produce and services from Welsh suppliers and manufacturers, thus assisting in providing a platform for their products to reach the market.


Our 34,000 square feet butchery is home of the Celtic Pride Premium Beef Partnership, our flagship supply chain initiative, which celebrates its 19th anniversary this year. The brand continues to develop and we’ve recently launched the ‘GOLD’ range, which is a dry aged offering that is matured for a minimum 35 days. Celtic Pride offers full traceability from field to fork and is now one of Wales’ most recognised beef brands, being showcased on menus across the country.

In understanding customer needs, we have invested in the manufacturing of our own range of products, including delicious deep filled pies, cakes, sandwich fillings and cured meats. We now have a fresh fish division ‘Celtic Coast Fish Co’ that provides the freshest fish available from around the British Isles. This further enables us to meet the ever growing demands of the food industry and reflects the ever evolving trends of the sector.

Authentic Curries and World Foods
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To develop sales to both public and private sectors we have invested in our quality systems, attaining certification in the following international standards: BRC Global Standard for Food Safety and Storage and Distribution, as well as ISO Quality Standard, Environmental Standard and Health and Safety Standard.

We recognise our commitment to the environment, with involvement in a number of initiatives. We’re part of the #PeasPlease ‘Veg Pledge’ campaigns and were one of the first companies in Wales to sign to the WRAP Hospitality and Foodservice commitment. As well as this, we’re part of ‘The Courtauld Commitment 2025’ and are proud to promote our sustainable actions, both social and economic across the industry.

With over 600 employees, our aim has always been to offer ‘The Complete Catering Solution’ and we feel that our product range of over 14,000 lines and our service allows us to meet this high standard.

Our simple and effective online ordering system gives instant access, 100% customer control and a wealth of product information. It’s recent upgrade offers live stock checks, separate shopping lists and even more special offers. If you prefer to shop on the go, our ordering App (available on Android and IOS) is just what you need. As well as being an ordering tool, it also allows customers to easily access product ingredients and allergens when you need it most.

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Above all, we’re a family run business that understands the importance of continual growth and support. We’re confident that we can meet and exceed all expectations with quality products, competitive prices, exceptional customer service and we’re committed to the promises that we make.


    “I have always believed that business is based on more than short term profit, it is about trust.

    For over a decade we have recognised that we have a responsibility to all of our stakeholders, our clients, our workforce, the wider community, and the environment.

    We all need a sustainable business model, one that’s built to last.

    No organisation can claim to have all the answers, but at Castell Howell we are continually looking for ways to improve.

    Diolch yn fawr.”

    Brian Jones MBE, CEO, Castell Howell Foods

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