At Castell Howell we take our commitment to the environment seriously.

We promote our sustainable actions, both social and economic, to suppliers and customers on a regular basis.

These include:

  • The formation of our Green Team, who discuss responsible practice.
  • Solar panels on the roof of our head office that generate around 10% of the site’s electricity.
  • New Slipstream design vehicles, 10% more efficient than the previous box design.
  • Our own internal waste management programme.
  • Free recycling for customers at our Cash & Carry.
  • Being sustainable is a big part of our success and we will strive to retain our position as a responsible, environmentally aware business.
  • Launched by WRAP, the Love Food Hate Waste campaign inspires and enables the UK public to reduce food waste. We’re proud supporters of this.
  • Most recently, we’ve signed up to ‘The Courtauld Commitment 2025’ which is a ten year voluntary agreement that brings together organisations across the food system. For more information, click on the advert below.

Success at the BITC Awards 2018

Our Commitment to Reducing Waste…

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