Caffe Eto


Caffe Eto

Caffe Eto coffee beans are hand roasted to a traditional recipe and brought to you exclusively by Castell Howell.

With Caffe Eto, we offer the full package so if you’re starting up a new business or are looking to change your current beans or machine, give us a call and we’ll arrange for our Eto specialists to assist with your coffee needs.



We supply a range of award winning first class Fracino Machines which perform to the highest level of expectation. Whether you choose a modern or traditional machine, you can be reassured you are buying the best.


We are so committed to helping and supporting our customers, we offer free on going coffee and barista training when you buy a coffee machine through us.


We have a wide range of Caffe Eto branded products and merchandise available, including:

> Polo Shirts and Aprons
> Signage
> Crockery
> Loyalty Cards


Traditional Beans 1kg:
24512 Fairtrade Arabica Beans
A higher quality, sweet and smooth tasting coffee with nutty and caramel notes

26331 Fairtrade Barista Beans
A good all rounder, ideal for ‘on the go’ outlets

73210 Fairtrade Espresso Beans
140 cups per bag

18204 Fairtrade Triple Certified Espresso
Made from ethically certified Arabica and Robusta beans

Gourmet Beans 500g:

35353 Indian Malabar Beans
Whole bean coffee, made using speciality Arabica coffee from the Karnataka region of southern India

98074 Colombian Beans
Whole bean speciality Arabica coffee, from the Huila region of SW Columbia

14259 Sumatra Gayo Beans
Whole bean speciality Arabica coffee, from the Aceh region in the Gayo highlands

62275 Swiss Decaff Beans
Whole bean speciality Arabica, decaffeinated using the chemical free Swiss water process.


Keep your customers coming back for more with free loyalty cards and stampers


Caffe Eto branded Ripple Cups in a variety of sizes. Lids and stirrers are also available.

Our new reusable 16oz double walled cups come with a non-spill lid and non-slip rubber base.


Call us on 01269 846080 or email

To book an appointment with an engineer contact Customer Services on 01269 846078 or email


Barista at home!

For the ultimate coffee lover – you can now have the full professional barista experience in your home…

Exclusive to Castell Howell Customers

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