Our Environmental Focus

As a wholesaling and manufacturing business we take care to manage our resources, to reduce our waste and to recycle by-products where we can.

A key principle of our environmental policy is to work with our supply chain partners and external contractors to reduce our impact on the environment, in terms of carbon emissions, water usage and biodiversity.

Changes we have made include:
> Management of polystyrene waste through the investment of a Styromelt Machine. This machine allows all polystyrene to be sold and sent for further usage.
> Zero waste to landfill
> Reduction of packaging at our butchery. We have;
– Completed an environmental impact assessment on a key product line
– Use returnable crates instead of boxes for the transit and delivery of our meat
– Work with suppliers to introduce new packaging

Our long term plan will allow us to develop strategies as the business continues to evolve and we’re currently working to implement the following to further support our environmental commitments:
> Identify packaging that we want to phase out of the supply chain
> Work with WRAP to minimise packaging usage
> Complete environmental impacts for key food products

To read our comprehensive Packaging & Recycling Statement click here

For more information on our environmental policies, please contact edward.morgan@chfoods.co.uk

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