Staff Health Checks Underway

Supporting staff with their health & wellbeing is extremely important to us, which is why our over 50’s Health Checks are underway and will soon be rolled out across the company.

As part of the health check package, staff are asked about their physical activity, smoking & alcohol intake, mental health and anxiety. As well as this, height, weight and BMI are checked, along with waist circumference, cholesterol and blood pressure.

Staff are then offered advice and guidance on how to make long term positive changes and this operates alongside the great work of our newly qualified 5 Mental Health First Aiders.

Carly Price, HR
Zach Lowther, Celtica
Sam Evans, Payroll
Josh Davies, Farm Fresh
James Lang, St. Martin’s Depot
Jonny Harris, Porthmadog

Congratulations to you all for achieving this qualification and a big thank you for stepping up to support your colleagues when they need it most.

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