Are You Ready for the Single Use Plastic Ban?

The Welsh Government will be at the forefront of action on plastic with Wales set to become the first part of the UK to legislate against single-use plastics later this year.

We are proud to be able to offer our customers non-plastic or re-usable alternatives to the banned food related products.

What you need to know:
The Environmental Protection (Single-use Plastic Products) (Wales) Bill will make it an offence to supply or offer to supply littered and unnecessary disposable single-use plastic products to consumers in Wales. It gives local authorities the powers to enforce the offence, and includes, among others action against:

• cutlery
• plates
• stirrers
• drinking straws
• expanded and foamed extruded polystyrene fast-food containers
• expanded and foamed extruded polystyrene cups
• polystyrene lids for all cups and fast-food containers
• thin plastic single-use carrier bags
• all products made of oxo-degradable plastic

Thinking Differently:

Single-use plastic products are often seen littered in our streets, parks and seas. Not only are they unsightly, but they have a devastating impact on our wildlife and environment. Plastic waste is a global issue and Wales as a whole needs to start to think differently and make some fundamental changes and the Welsh Government, as with the plastic bag surcharge, is again is at the forefront of action against single-use plastic. Castell Howell have a wide selection of alternatives to single-use plastic and polystyrene food packaging.

Bagasse Products:
Bagasse is the by-product of making sugar, the dry fibrous substance can be pressed and moulded into various containers and tableware such as bowls and plates.

Being both biodegradable and compostable, Bagasse is seen as the most environmentally friendly material currently used in the foodservice industry. Offering a great alternative to products like polystyrene containers.

Unlike many alternative packaging, which have distinct odours of their own which can affect how food tastes when eaten out of, Bagasse has no impact on food taste. From start to finish it requires very little energy to produce so as well as being fully biodegradable its impact on the environment is minimal, making it an all-round environmentally friendly material and product.

Unlike plastic or polystyrene products, Bagasse products are both commercially and home compostable and will be broken down, depending on conditions, within 30- 90 days and the nutrient-rich compost can be used as a fertiliser and soil conditioner.

What we’re doing?
We’re increasing our already extensive range of environmentally friendly products and are running training sessions for our teams, to ensure that we can support you with your transition away from single use plastics with ease. There will be emphasis on the legislation at our exhibitions in February and March and our Non Foods Specialists will be on hand to answer your questions and advise on the most cost effective products.

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