Chicken, Ham & Leek Pie with Welsh Honey Mustard & Creamy Mash Top


5558 2.5kg Diced Fresh Chicken Breast
9574 1kg Ham mis-shapes (can be cut up smaller if you like)
3670 1kg Greens Cut Frozen Leeks
36343 Celtic Preserves Wholegrain Welsh Mustard with Honey and Leeks
7154 1ltr Macaphie Ready To Use White Sauce
97683 2.5kg Chefs’ Selection Frozen Mashed Potato
25300 1 Large Free Range Ellis Eggs


For the pie base
1. Warm up the white sauce and add chicken and leeks until chicken is cooked through.
2. Add the mustard and ham and mix to combine.

For the topping
3. Fold defrosted mashed potato into 6 eggs, pipe or simply spread mash over chicken and ham mix and bake

Chef’s Tip:

Can be done in full sized Gastronorm Tray (25 ptn) ideal for large servery, canteens and buffets – or individual
dishes for pie of the day bistro/pub style.

Add Welsh cheese into mash for extra richness.

A pastry lid or topping could be used such as 1421 Jus Rol Round Pastry Lids

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