Welsh Rugby Cocktail

Inspired by the colours of the Welsh Rugby shirt this cocktail was made in collaboration with Afon Mêl, Welsh Gin and Bartu Rum. Created by mixolgist @scottishmixology


50ml Welsh Gin
20ml Afon Mêl Heather Mead
5ml Blue curaçao (only a touch to balance yellow)
Sea buckthorn
Kiwi Fruit
Fruit Tea
Crushed Ice

Pineapple Frond, Cinnamon Stick & Flaming Passionfruit Shell


Muddle kiwi and shake all but tea with ice

Strain into glass filled with crushed ice

Pour over 30ml of the hibiscus tea to create red layer and top up with crushed ice

Garnish with a cinnamon stick and pineapple leaves

Fill a passionsfruit shell with high proof gin or Rum and light. We recommend Barti Du Rum