Assembly Recipes – Elevated Menu Ready Concepts

Quick & easy menu ideas for a streamlined lunch and dinner service…

1. Caramelised Beef & Red Onion Cottage Pie topped with Truffle Cheese Mash

69180 Grants Tinned Minced Beef & Onions 1.2kg
34158 Freeze dried Caramelized Red Onion 50g
27036 Celtic Preserves Red Onion Marmalade 335g
86820 Lutosa Potato Swirls 2.5kg
89575 Snowdonia Mini Truffle Trove Cheese 150g

2. Whipped Butter Sharing Antipasti Board

51575 Hollybush Salted Butter 250g
38436 Sunshine Mixed Pitted Olives 2.5kg
56379 Villani Mediterranean Antipasti Pack 140g
99832 Berlys Pasas y Nueces Nature 10x350g
7888 Fresh Basil 50g
9708 Merchant Gourmet Sunblush Tomatoes 1kg
2935 Yamas Feta Cheese 200g
12278 Imaginitive Cuisine Balsamic Fig Dressing 150ml
68899 Mêl Gwenyn Gruffydd Welsh Honey 142g

3. Crispy Coasted Gurnard Fillets with Patatas Bravas and Lemon & Dill Dressing

40913 Villani Nduja Di Spilinga 400g
69530 Cooks & Co Spiced Pizza Sauce 2.95kg
88363 Bannister Farm Roast Potatoes 2.5kg
38487 Pacifi c West Battered Gurnard 1kg
47050 Olives Et Al Lemon and Dill Dressing 250ml

4. Welsh Liqueur Rice Pudding Brulee with Baby Apples & Pears and crumbled sea kissed Vanilla Fudge

32050 Ambrosia Creamed Rice Pudding 12x400g
2546 Merlyn Welsh Cream Liqueur 70cl
46593 Centaur Baby Pears with Stalk 425g
79227 Centaur Baby Apples 425g
7327 Macphie Ready To Use Toffee Sauce 1ltr
86632 Halen Môn Sea Kissed Vanilla Fudge 150g