Whipped Butter Antipasti Board – Perfect for Sharing

What we used:

51575 Hollybush Salted Butter 250g
38436 Sunshine Mixed Pitted Olives 2.5kg
56379 Villani Mediterranean Antipasti Pack 140g
99832 Berlys Pasas y Nueces Nature 10x350g
7888 Fresh Basil 50g
9708 Merchant Gourmet Sunblush Tomatoes 1kg
2935 Yamas Feta Cheese 200g
12278 Imaginitive Cuisine Balsamic Fig Dressing 150ml
68899 Mêl Gwenyn Gruffydd Welsh Honey 142g

What to do:

1. Spread butter onto a cut piece of grease proof paper
2. Simply arrange the other ingredients on top
3. Serve with some crusty bread!

Chef’s Tip:

The buttered grease proof sheets can be premade and kept in the fridge until needed.

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