New Collaboration with Flawsome!

In championing their Welsh roots, our new collaboration with Flawsome! aims to save 20,000 tonnes of ‘wonky’ produce over the next 3 years.

Matt Lewis, our MD said ”The demand for innovative sustainable products continues to rise and Flawsome! is a key addition to our portfolio. Not only do their environmental and sustainability values align perfectly with ours, but their passion for producing products of the highest quality provides us and our customers with complete confidence. The fantastic feedback received by our customers at our Food Shows, is testament to all their hard work in developing a great brand that delivers on every level.”

With a vision to make Flawsome! readily available across every corner of the Welsh on-trade landscape, the brand aims to ignite a revolution in the juice market and are poised to disrupt the status quo and redefine industry standards.

“We’re prepared to shake up Wales’ juice market,” said Karina, Flawsome!’s founder and CMO. We’re unwavering in our commitment to natural drinks, crafted from wonky and surplus fruit, without added sugar, sweeteners, or preservatives. Providing sustainable and healthy options is vital, especially for our children. As parents of twin girls, this mission hits close to home, and we’re dedicated to leading by example.”

Gone are the days of conventional juice offerings; Flawsome! brings forth a fresh, sustainable, and irresistibly flavorful alternative. Today, the brand crafts over 16+ products – and they are just getting started.

“Wales likes to be number one, and Flawsome! is here to help achieve that,” said Maciek, Managing Director at Flawsome!. “Our collaboration with Castell Howell Foods Ltd drives us towards our goal of saving 20,000 tonnes of wonky and surplus produce in the next 3 years. We’re committed to providing delicious drinks for all while honouring our Welsh roots.”

View our range here or for more information call 01269 846080.