Bloody Mary Gazpacho with Black Olives


28450 Candied Jalapeños x 110g
Chopped Fresh Tomato Con-case 220g (diced tomato flesh)
5738 Red Peppers x 1kg
62570 Vine Tomatoes x 1kg
1404 Fresh Coriander x 50g
74184 Tomato Powder 20g
80891 Sosa Red Powder 5g
40629 Black Garlic Paste 10g
13880 White Wine Vinegar Powder x 1 pinch
5785 Fresh Cucumbers x 3
440559 Fennel Seeds (toast in a pan first)
12489 Blood Orange Vodka x 6 (50 ml measures)



Mix jalapeños and fresh diced tomato together and place in bottom of shot glass.
Liquidise all other ingredients together and pass through fine muslin cloth, do not squeeze – let it drip overnight to achieve a crystal clear liquid.
To serve, place crushed ice over the tomato and pepper mix and pour in the vodka and gaspacho liquid and garnish with black olives.
Can be served as amuse-bouche or as a cocktail drink in a larger glass.

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